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ARTIST - Katie Kiewit - Bio

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Biography - On June 21st, Katie Kiewit entered the world to bring joy upon everyone she meets. Growing up in Hawaii, Massachusetts, and California, she discovered her singing voice around the age of 5 (when singing along to Disney movies). At the age of 12, she taught herself piano using just chords. She was involved in the church ministry growing up, and by high school she discovered her real passion for music. She graduated High School in 2001 and continued her education and began working full time in the music industry. She has experience working in music retail, radio, and print sheet music publishing. She is passionate in working hard and establishing her career within the music industry. She has grown substantially in her vocal ability and learning how to follow God’s plan for her life. She has helped lead her congregation in worship time and time again. She is now focusing on her music career as a singer and has worked with numerous music groups and projects, and will continue song writing and recording.

Katie has a passion for community service and helping those in need. She loves working with kids and helping others discover their passion in life and their talents. She has many ideas of incorporating a musical lifestyle into music programs where kids can learn the basic fundamentals of music as well as how to create “your own musical instrument”. By introducing arts & crafts and creativity, children of all ages can learn that music can be expressed as a way of life. Katie has also decided to open up voice lesson opportunities for independent study and performance. She is currently accepting new students.

KATIE’S MISSION: “I have been assigned by God to create an atmosphere that allows God to be God, to usher His people into a deep place of true worship, and to prepare the way for the Word of God and the spiritual gifts to be released by His power. To love on people through sharing my story and helping others discover the love of God.”

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